In each area of basic CSR, which concerns fundamental obligations as a corporate citizen, azbil worldwide is making every effort to raise awareness of compliance issues and avoid legal risk.

Business Conduct Policy and Guidelines

The Business Conduct Policy for companies in the azbil Group consists of five elements: (1) fulfilling the Group’s public and social responsibilities, (2) compliance with antitrust and other fair trade regulations, (3) respect for human rights, (4) proper management of corporate assets, and (5) protection of the environment. We have also established a Code of Conduct for all employees of the Group, consisting of 50 specific guidelines covering all aspects of our business activities from the perspectives of compliance with internal regulations and compliance with external laws. In cases where a breach of the Code of Conduct is discovered, the Code imposes a mandatory reporting requirement and forbids reprisals, thereby putting in place an environment in which internal checks can function effectively.

Maintaining and Improving Awareness of Compliance Issues

The General Affairs Department of Azbil Corporation bears primary responsibility for maintaining and improving compliance with internal regulations throughout the azbil Group. In Japan, compliance in each workplace is promoted by the heads of departments and business office managers of each Group company, who are designated as compliance managers, and the heads of sections, who are designated as compliance leaders. In addition, the establishment of a “discuss anything consultation Preventing Legal Risk window” provides a mechanism for the company to learn of compliance-related risks in a timely manner. We conduct annual compliance awareness surveys among all azbil Group officers and employees, using the results to identify issues and implement measures to address them. Surveys are followed by compliance education sessions that check key points and ensure thorough awareness and compliance. As our business expands, the number of consolidated companies in Japan and abroad is growing, and consequently we are endeavoring to raise the level of compliance awareness among subsidiaries by means of education, surveys, and “consultation windows.”

Preventing Legal Risk

The Legal and Intellectual Property Department of Azbil Corporation bears primary responsibility for ensuring complete compliance with external laws throughout the azbil Group. It promotes basic legal compliance in business activities, ensures that all necessary permits and approvals are obtained, and additionally is addressing the Group’s legal risk overseas, which is increasing as our global expansion accelerates. The department also makes every effort to prevent, in a timely and appropriate manner, risk arising from new and important legal issues affecting the business world.