ISO 9001

First company in Japan's control equipment industry to acquire ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an international standard for quality management that was established in 1987; already it has been adopted as a national standard in approximately 100 countries. And the first company in Japan's control equipment industry to pass the rigorous ISO 9001 auditing process was Azbil Corporation. Azbil Trading Co., Ltd., the azbil Group's technology trading firm, is the first Japanese trading company to have had its buying & selling operations certified as being in conformance with ISO 9001.

Acquisition of ISO 9001

Company name Certified business Certification date
Azbil Corporation 1. Development, design, manufacture, sales, rental, installation, maintenance, import/export, testing and inspection of the following instruments, equipment and systems:
(1) Control and measurement instruments and systems
(2) Electrical, communications and precision instruments and systems
(3) Air conditioning control instruments and systems
(4) Disaster prevention and security equipment and systems
(5) Optical instruments and systems
(6) Electrical/electronic equipment for medical applications and medical appliances
(7) Waste treatment equipment and systems for water, oil, the atmosphere, etc.
2. Consultation and information services for construction, total management and operation of buildings and facilities.
3. Consultation for compliance with environmental regulations and environmental management.
4. Development and sales of computer software and information services.
2010 April  Certification acquired for Yamatake Corporation(*1) as a whole by expanding coverage to the staff divisions and integrating certifications for the Building Systems Company and the Advanced Automation Company.
Manufacture of switches, temperature/humidity controllers, molded resin products, air-conditioning valves, etc. 1994 October Yamatake Control Product Co., Ltd.(*2)
Azbil Corporation Advanced Automation Company Development, design, manufacture and testing of temperature controllers and sensing products such as proximity and photoelectric switches 1991 October  Fujisawa Factory(*3)
Development, design and manufacture of field measurement instruments, control valves, panels and application systems for instrumentation and management of process automation and factory automation 1992 July  Shonan Factory
1994 June  Kamata Factory (Head office) and Isehara Factory(*4)
Development, design, manufacture, sales and field engineering of application systems for instrumentation and management of process automation and factory automation; maintenance of control valves; and calibration of measurement equipment 1995 August  Kawara Technology Center
2000 April  Expand to Head office, Tokyo regional division, Chubu regional division, Kansai regional division, Kyushu branch, Chita branch
2003 March  Expand to Hokkaido branch, Tohoku branch, Shizuoka branch, Chugoku branch, Shikoku branch
Development, design, manufacture, sales and field engineering of control instruments, field instruments, control valves, application systems with associated software for the industrial and public utilities markets 2004 May  Companywide certification consolidated at Fujisawa Factory
2005 May  Expand to all branches throughout Japan
2009 October  Yamatake Mizuho Co., Ltd..(*5)
2010 April  Certification acquired for Yamatake Corporation as a whole; all further certification will thus be integrated.
Azbil Corporation Building Systems Company Development, design, manufacture, testing, sales, engineering, construction, adjustment and maintenance of building automation systems and components; and building facility management 1997 June  Isehara Factory(*4),
1999 May  Head office
2000 November  Expand to branches
2002 May  Consolidate systems of all departments companywide at the Head Office, Isehara factory(*4), Tokyo head office, and branches.
2010 April  Certification acquired for Yamatake Corporation as a whole; all further certification will thus be integrated.
Azbil Trading Co., Ltd. Sales of low-power automation equipment and safety equipment; and sales and maintenance of industrial equipment, automatic inspection and measurement equipment, and data system equipment 1996 November
Design and installation of digital istrumentation systems; sale of various control and measuring instrumens 2011 December  Azbil RoyalControls Co., Ltd.(*6)
Headquarters,Tokyo regional division ,Hyougo branch,Tokyo Distribution center
Azbil Kimmon Co., Ltd..(*7)
Shirasawa Factory
Manufacture of Gas Meters for Azbil Kimmon Co.,Ltd. Headquarters 1996 April
Azbil TA Co., Ltd. Design/Development, manufacture and servicing (Modification and repair of field returns) of air filter, lubricator, air regulator, directional control valve, micron-lub lubrication units, pressure sensor, dry vacuum pump gas purging system module, vacuum generator for vacuum pad and cushion valve. 1996 November Saitama Factory
Azbil Taishin Co., Ltd. Design, development and manufacture of electronic control units for industrial, residential and communications purposes, and fiber-optic devices 1999 February
Tem-tech Lab. Design, manufacture and repair of pressure sensors, platform scales, and auxiliary equipment for semiconductor manufacturing processes 1997 December
Azbil Control Instruments (Dalian) Co., Ltd. Production and service of air conditioning valve, control valve, minisize switch, air pressure switch, flowmeter, electro-pneumatic valve positioner, and Design and Development of control valve. 1998 September
Azbil Control Solutions (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Design, Manufacture and Service of control system of building automation and industry process 2005 June
Shanghai Azbil Automation Co., Ltd. Adjustment and maintenance of distributed control systems, transmitters and control valves 2007 March
Azbil Hong Kong Limited Manufacture of sensors, temperature controllers, control valves and relays 2003 June Shenzhen Factory
Azbil Taiwan Co., Ltd. Sales, engineering, project management, testing and maintenance of control systems and related products for process automation, building automation and factory automation 2006 March
Azbil Korea Co., Ltd. Design, development, manufacture and maintenance of building automation systems, air cleaners, transmitters, valves, controllers, mass flow controllers and mass flow meters; and design, construction and maintenance of process control systems and intelligent building systems 2003 July
Azbil Philippines, Inc. Sales,technical support, project management, commissioning and maintenance of automated control systems and related products for process automation,building automation and factory automation solutions. 2008 September
Azbil (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Design, installation and maintenance of measurement and control equipment.
Sales of industrial automation, factory automation and building automation products.

2006 August
Azbil Production (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

The manufacture of the control and mesurement instrument and system

2014 November
Azbil Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. Sales, technical support, project management and maintenance of control systems and related products for process automation, building automation and factory automation 2006 December
Azbil Singapore Pte. Ltd. Sales, technical support, project management, adjustment and maintenance of control systems and related products for process automation, building automation and factory automation 2003 May
PT. Azbil Berca Indonesia Contractor, trading of mechanical, electrical, industrial automation and building automation products/systems 2006 October
Azbil Vietnam Co., Ltd. Design, technical consultant, installation, testing and commissioning, calibration and maintenance of building automation (BA) and industrial automation (IA) management systems, and Trade of BA and IA products 2013 December
Azbil North America, Inc. Integration project management, logistics and warehousing of electronic components and subsystems 2007 October
Azbil Mexico, S. de R.L. de C.V. Marketing of products for industrial automation and control 2021 April
Azbil Brazil Limited Design, sales and related services to supervision systems, controls for industrial automation, building and for life automation.
Sales, technical services and related service to chromatograph, indicators, logic programmable controllers, pneumatic controllers, single loop controllers, registers, human-machine interface, transmitters, flow meters, pressure meters, temperature meters, control valves, automatic blocker valves, electro-pneumatic positioners, asset management systems and DCS-distributed controller system.
2011 October
Azbil Telstar, S.L.U. Development, design, manufacture, sales, validation and qualification of high-technology products, equipment and services for vacuum and ultra high vacuum applications and for medical pharmaceutical, biotechnological and laboratory applications 2000 May Azbil Telstar Technologies SLU.(*8)
Engineering, Project management, construction supervision, technical assistance, installations and commissioning of infrastructures for the pharmaceutical, veterinary, biotechnological industries and other areas covered by GMP.Consultancy, implementation and training related to quality and regulatory standards for the pharmaceutical, veterinary, biotechnological industries and other areas covered by GMP. 2006 January AzbilTelstar Projects, S.A.U.(*8)
Manufacturing and service of ultra low temperature freezer (-86 °C), vacuum pumps, clean air technology equipments, freeze dryers, autoclaves, steam generators and CIP (Clean in place) equipments for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and laboratory application. 2008 March Telstar Far East (Shanghai) Co; Ltd(*8)
Validation and Maintenance of laboratory equipment such as laminar flow installations, fume cupboards and Ultra Low freezers.Validation of Clean rooms, Operating rooms. VHP decontamination of rooms and equipmentSales and Calibration of Particle counters (air and liquid), TOC Analyzers, Monitoring Systems for laboratories and cleanrooms. 1994 May Telstar Laboratory Equipment B.V. Customer service(*8)
Supply, consult, installation and maintenance of cleanroom systems, cleanroom projects, provided with or without air handling units for industry and hospitals. 2001 April Telstar Medical Components B.V.(*8)

*The most recent scopes of certification of certified businesses are shown.
*1 Now Azbil Corporation
*2 Now Azbil Corporation, merged with Yamatake Control Products Co., Ltd. on April 1, 2012
*3 Now the Fujisawa Technology Center
*4 Isehara Factory was consolidated into the Shonan Factory in June 2019.
*5 Now Azbil Kyoto Co.,Ltd.
*6 Now Azbil Trading Co., Ltd.
*7 Now Azbil Kimmon Energy Products Co., Ltd.
*8 Azbil Telstar, S.L. has adopted the holding company structure and these companies serve as business companies for Azbil Telster.