Motorized Three-Way Valve with Flanged-End Connection

A series of motorized three-way rotary valves, DN50 (2") to DN80 (3") , with flanged-end connection.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Valve and actuator integrated in a single unit
  • Conforms to IP54 (dust-proof, splash-proof) Can be installed in AHU.
    Note: Waterproof connectors are required to assure IP54.
  • A variety of control input signals available
  • Durable actuator with low power consumption
  • 2–10 V DC output with feedback signal
    Only for the 4-20 mA DC input type (Model VY5430) and the 2–10 V DC input type (Model VY5440) .
  • Linear fl ow characteristics
  • Valve is applicable for high differential pressure, large Cv value, high rangeability, and low leakage.

-AHU: Air Handling Unit

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