Motorized Two-way Ball Valve with Threaded-end Connection

It proportionally controls chilled/hot water for HVAC applications.

Model MY53X0A actuator

  • Compact and lightweight:
    The ACTIVAL can be installed in a limited space.
  • Easy and simple mounting onto Models VY53X2 valve:
  • The actuator can be mounted without tools, and no adjustment is required (one-touch lever-locking mechanism) .
  • IEC IP54:
    Dust-proof and splash-proof enclosure enables to be installed in an AHU (air handling unit) .
  • Easy manual override:
    The actuator operation can be switched to manual from electric. It besides can be manually operated without tools.
  • Highly-visible position indicator:
    Valve position is easily recognized with the indicator/manual lever.
  • Energy-saving:
    No power is consumed in fully open/closed position of the valve because of the limit switch mechanism.(Only for Model MY5310A.)
  • Built-in auxiliary switch (except Model MY5370A) :
    The switch is adjustable between 20-80% position.
  • 2-10 V DC output (for position feedback) available with 4-20 mA DC input type, 2-10 V DC input type, and 0-10 V DC input type.
  • 90° stroke in 60 seconds (50 Hz) / 50 seconds (60Hz) operating time.
  • ACTIVAL Model MY53X0A conforms to all the standards related to CE Marking.

Model VY53X2A valve

  • Compact and lightweight:
    Valve can be installed in a restricted space such as inside of a compact AHU.
  • Bronze valve body applicable to PN16.
  • Easy assembly with Model MY53X0A actuator using no tool, and no adjustment required.
  • Equal percentage flow characteristic.

AHU: Air handling unit

To control ACTIVAL with a third-party controller, please consult with Azbil Corporation’s sales personnel.

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