Electric Controllers

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Description Model No. Specifications(PDF) Download
Neostat Room Thermostat, Room Humidistat TY600_Z, TTY6023Z, TY900_Z, HY6000Z AB-7258 (650KB) Download
Neostat Room Humidistat (Proportional Type) HY9000Z AB-7259 (722KB) Download
Insertion Thermostat TY6800, TTY6800 AB-6600 (3002KB) Download
Insertion Thermostat (Proportional) TY9800 AB-6602 (1668KB) Download
Room Thermostat TY6300 AB-6601 (2410KB) Download
Differential Pressure Switch PYY-604 AS-852E (353KB) Download
Differential Pressure Gauge PYY-DG85 AS-846E (338KB) Download

* In information issued before March 2012, there may be cases where the former corporate name is used.