Electric Controllers

Catalogs and product specification sheets for various products can be viewed in PDF format.

The product version presented on the website may be different from the one you are using.

Model No. Description Specifications(PDF) Download
TY600_Z, TTY6023Z, TY900_Z, HY6000Z Neostat Room Thermostat, Room Humidistat AB-7258 (650KB) Download
HY9000Z Neostat Room Humidistat (Proportional Type) AB-7259 (722KB) Download
TY6800, TTY6800 Insertion Thermostat AB-6600 (3002KB) Download
TY9800 Insertion Thermostat (Proportional) AB-6602 (1668KB) Download
TY6300 Room Thermostat AB-6601 (2410KB) Download
PYY-604 Differential Pressure Switch AS-852E (353KB) Download
PYY-DG85 Differential Pressure Gauge AS-846E (338KB) Download

* In information issued before March 2012, there may be cases where the former corporate name is used.