Catalogs and product specification sheets for various products can be viewed in PDF format.

The product version presented on the website may be different from the one you are using.

Model No. Description Specifications(PDF) Download


Sensor Edition Selection Guide Brochure: AC-567E (1684KB) Download
TY2000A, TY2001B, TY2001C Infrared Array Sensor Brochure: AC-984E (2092KB) Download
TY7043, TY7053, HY7043, HTY7043 Neosensor Room Temperature Sensor / Room Humidity Sensor / Room Temperature/Humidity Sensor AB-7050 (627KB) Download
TY7043D, HY7043D, HTY7043D Neosensor (Two-Wire 4-20mA Output Sensor) Room Temperature Sensor / Room Humidity Sensor / Room Temperature/Humidity Sensor AB-7051 (439KB) Download
TY78, HY78, HTY78 Duct Temperature/Humidity Sensor AB-5961 (656KB) Download
HTY78 Duct Temperature/Humidity Sensor AB-7522 (2640KB) Download
HY79, HTY79 Insertion Dewpoint Temperature Sensor AB-5963 (758KB) Download
HTY1000, HTY1010 Durable Temperature and Humidity Sensor AB-7007 (2883KB) Download
TY783 Pipe Temperature Sensor AB-5429 (357KB) Download
TY7302 Ceiling-Mounted Temperature Sensor(Round Type) AB-7508 (737KB) Download
TY7301 Ceiling Mount Temperature Sensor AB-5272 (4113KB) Download
TY7321 Radiant Temperature Sensor AB-5361 (614KB) Download
CY8100C Duct CO2 Sensor AB-7175 (595KB) Download
CY7200A Carbon Monoxide Transmitter AB-5782 (410KB) Download
PY7100A Pressure Transmitter AB-4539 (1284KB) Download
PY9000D Differential Pressure Transmitter AB-7271 (428KB) Download
WTY8000A Energy Meter: Calculation Unit (Thermal Unit: J) AB-6559 (2007KB) Download

* In information issued before March 2012, there may be cases where the former corporate name is used.