Infilex™GD Multipurpose Data Gathering Panel

Infilex™GD is a multipurpose terminal data transfer device designed to collect data about various types of equipment inside the building, to monitor the equipment status, and to control the equipment operation.


Infilex™GD can be operated with an operator interface (Operator Panel) in response to various situations.
Besides, Infilex GD can communicate with center unit of savic-net™FX BMS (Azbil Corporation's building management system) through the transmission trunk line called NC-bus and LonTalk® protocol. By sending the operation status to the center unit and by controlling the operation based on the commands sent from the center unit, the integrated control of the entire building can be performed.

Infilex GD NC-bus


Infilex GD LonTalk


Infilex GD I/O Modules

I/O Modules

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