Infilex™GD Multipurpose Data Gathering Panel

Infilex™GD is a multipurpose terminal data transfer device designed to collect data about various types of equipment inside the building, to monitor the equipment status, and to control the equipment operation.


Compact design

Small size body allows free installation in a desired place.

I/O module configurations

Input and output types can be selected, and the number of points to be mounted can be increased or decreased corresponding to the application.

Operator interface (Operator Panel)

Operator Panel (panel mount type/integral type) connected to Infilex™GD allows you, without changing the settings from the BMS center unit, to change the Infilex GD settings.

Autonomous distributed control

Even if a trouble occurs in the BMS, the backup operation is performed individually to distribute potential risks caused by malfunction of the system.


A quick-fit screwless (clamp) terminal block for the communication line reduces wiring work load.
Additionally, either DIN rail mounting or screw mounting can be selected.

CE Marking certified product

Infilex GD Model WY5110W (NC-bus model (Line A)) and Model WY5310W (100VAC to 240 VAC) conforms to all the applicable standards of CE Marking (Class A) .

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