PARAMATRIX™-III Pump/Chiller Controller

PARAMATRIX™-III is a Direct Digital Controller specifically designed only for sequential control of heating/cooling or chiller plant units of building HVAC (heating, ventilation, air-conditioning) systems.

Chiller Controller ・ Pump Controller

Operation management

  • Automatic/manual changeover
  • Group command
  • Daytime/nighttime mode changeover
  • Cooling/heating mode changeover

Multiple units control

  • Control method
  • Operating sequence changeover methods
  • Operating sequence table
  • Operating sequence adjustment (for sequential method)
  • Rated capacity setting
  • Multiple units control at startup
  • Stabilizing control during waiting time
    Corrections of multiple units control with temperature (only for chiller controller)
  • Setting: the maximum number of operating pumps
  • Setting: the minimum number of operating pumps
  • Omission process

Forced shutdown


Anti-repeat control

Sequential starting control

Power demand control

Control during failure

Pressure control

Power failure restoration control

Operating Diagnostics

Communications with the Host System

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