azbil Honey Bee Club

azbil Honey Bee Club

Concept of the Honey Bee Club

The azbil Group considers all activity that contributes to society to be an expression of the company’s culture and spirit that is necessary for maximizing corporate value. As a matter of policy, being a responsible member of society, the azbil Group promotes contributions to society, to people’s lives, and to the Earth’s environment, both through business operations and through individual intiatives, encouraging an employee participation model of contribution to society in the “human-centered” azbil spirit.

For the purpose of ingraining a corporate culture of contribution to society through employee volunteering, in October 2009 the azbil Group established a volunteer organization called the “azbil Honey Bee Club,” which is independent of the Group’s business organization.


  1. All employees who want to participate are welcome.
  2. Funds are raised by collecting money or materials from club members in a small amount that is not more than what they can afford by cutting down on a bit on their spending money.
  3. The club donates the money and materials collected from club members to external volunteer organizations or individuals that contribute to society and that have some connection to club members.

Support Mechanism of the azbil Honey Bee Club

The azbil Honey Bee Club is a voluntary organization independent of the company’s business organization. All aG directors and employees are welcome to participate.Once a year, the club provides volunteer individuals or organizations with support in the form of money and/or material collected from club members. Support to these organizers is determined based on either the suggestion of club members or past history, where club members have participated in the recipien’s volunteer activities. Club members can feel free to recommend volunteer organizers. Recipients are chosen through balloting. After a stage of screening by the club’s executive office, member balloting is conducted on the remaining potential recipients. The club helps to maintain good relationships between club members and recipients by asking recipients to submit a report on their activities to the club members. By valuing the feelings of each member, the club can continue to provide warm support in the way that only the Honey Bee club can do.

Note: A portion of the provided support is accompanied by a matching gift from Azbil Corporation.

Where did the name of the club come from?

Honey bees are very important creatures for flowering plants. Flying among the flowers, these unsung heroes distribute pollen to help in the pollination of plants. Without honey bees, food that we eat every day, such as fruit and vegetables, could not grow.

Like honey bees, each of us should play an important role in contributing to society. We as a group want to support people who think this same way, and who are making efforts to contribute to society, and that is where the name of the club came from.

Also, honey bees are very group-oriented. They work together to collect nectar from flowers bit by bit to make the sweet honey that we love. The azbil Honey Bee Club likewise, by working in the background and gathering small contributions together like honey bees do nectar, aims to create a society where everyone can be happy.

March, the mascot of the azbil Honey Bee Club

Designer’s comment

I designed this character to leave an impression of strength, kindness, and cheerfulness. Since the Honey Bee Club is engaged in environmental activities, I drew its wings like leaves. To me, March is a bee and also like a leaf fairy. It also reminds me of the sun, imparting good cheer.

Note: The character and its name were chosen by way of aG employee balloting.

March, the azbil Honey Bee Club’s mascot