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Identifying material issues (materiality) to be tackled over the long term

The azbil Group believes that in order to achieve sustainable growth as an enterprise, we must earn the trust of all stakeholders through the implementation of corporate activities based on CSR as the foundation of management. This belief has evolved from the spirit of our founder’s wish to “freeing people from drudgery” to the concept of “Savemation” (save + automation), which aimed to save energy in society and industry, and then to the azbil Group’s philosophy of “human-centered automation,” which is also expressed in our company name, “Azbil.” The Group’s philosophy, which has been at the core of our DNA since our foundation, is in line with the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the concept of sustainability, and is the key to supporting the company’s sustainable growth.

In order to make contributions that lead “in-series” to the achievement of a sustainable society through the implementation of this philosophy, we formulated three fundamental policies,* began to advocate CSR management unique to the azbil Group based on both “proactive CSR” and “basic CSR,” and revised our Guiding Principles for azbil Group Business and Code of Conduct so that all Group employees can work in unity.

In August 2022, in the midst of a changing environmental factors and needs, including the needs for decarbonization and COVID-19 prevention, the azbil Group, guided by the Group philosophy, identified material issues to be tackled over the long term. We will further evaluate and verify the priority of the 10 issues we identified, set goals, and redouble our efforts using the azbil Group’s sustainability promotion system.

    * Three fundamental policies
  • Being a long-term partner for the customer and the community by offering solutions based on azbil’s technologies and products
  • Taking global operations to the next level by expanding into new regions and a qualitative change of focus
  • Being a corporate organization that never stops learning, so that we can continuously grow stronger

Identification of material issues

Material issues and Our aim