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CSR Management of the azbil Group

With “human-centered automation” as the Group philosophy at the foundation of its business activities, the azbil Group works to fulfill its corporate social responsibility (CSR) by assisting in the continuous development of society. By putting people first, respecting human rights, and actively contributing to the economy, environment, and society, we strive to not only achieve the SDGs but also share value with society.

Approach to CSR Management

The azbil Group takes a broad view of the responsibilities that a company should fulfill for the benefit of stakeholders and society, and the Group as a whole takes a twofold approach to CSR management.
First,there is what we call “basic CSR,” which involves fulfilling the azbil Group’s fundamental obligations as a member of society. Second is an approach that we named “proactive CSR,” consisting of contributing to solutions for society’s problems through our business operations, as well as employees’ voluntary participation in activities that benefit society. These two pillars enable us to manage our CSR in a fair and sincere manner.

Human Rights Initiatives

In April 2021, we signed the United Nations Global Compact. By participating in this internationally recognized initiative, we will once again strengthen our global efforts in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption, and actively contribute to the development of a sustainable society based on the principle of “human-centered automation.”

two core management

Basic CSR

Fulfilling our fundamental obligations to society

Creating an environment conducive to compliance

For more detailed information, see “Compliance”

Operation with thorough risk management

For more detailed information, see “Risk Management”

Implementing internal control

For more detailed information, see “internal control”

The Group’s own environmental initiatives

For more detailed information, see “Environmental Initiatives”

Business management that values people

For more detailed information, see “Employee Relations”

Proactive CSR

Contributing though our business operations and voluntary activity

Contributing to society though our business operationsy

The azbil Group contributes to society through our unique solutions that combine our own products and services.

For more detailed information, see “Contributing to society though our business operationsy”

Voluntary contributions to society

The azbil Group proactively supports and promotes voluntary contribution to society by employees.

For more detailed information, see Voluntary contributions to society,“azbil Honey Bee Club”,“Shonan International Marathon”

CSR Promotion Framework

The azbil Group has established the azbil Group CSR Promotion Committee, comprising officers in charge of CSR at each Group company and led by the executive officer in charge of CSR at azbil Corporation. The committee formulates Groupwide CSR action plans, subject to the approval of azbil Corporation’s Board of Directors, and monitors progress, while also guiding subsidiaries.
With the goal of continuously improving the level of its CSR activities, the committee formulates and implements plans, evaluates and analyzes the results, and reports to management, following a PDCA cycle.
Another way the Group contributes to society is through its SDGs Promotion Committee, consisting primarily of other top-level management personnel, which works to achieve the Essential Goals of azbil Group for SDGs.
In addition to this framework, the azbil Group creates opportunities for dialogue with internal and external stakeholders as necessary and incorporates their opinions into the Group’s activities to make our programs more effective.