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Approach to CSR-focused Management

The azbil Group takes a broad view of the responsibilities(CSR) that a company should fulfill toward stakeholders and society, and takes a twofold approach as CSR-focused management across the entire Group.

First, there is what we call ”basic CSR,“ which involves fulfilling the azbil Group’s fundamental obligations as a member of society. This includes ensuring thorough compliance to laws and regulations; risk management and preventive measures in such fields as disaster mitigation, information security, quality product liability, and accounting; strengthening internal controls; and improving workplace environments and ensuring the welfare of the people who work in them.

The azbil Group believes that there are no shortcuts to winning the trust of society, so we aim to engage in fair and honest management, combined with efforts to further strengthen our corporate governance.

The second approach is what we term ”proactive CSR,“ which consists of (1) the contributions that the azbil Group makes to society through our business operations, which leverage our strengths in technology and business; and (2)employees’ voluntary participation in activity that benefits society,which is rooted in the culture and atmosphere of the company. Through activities such as these we hope to make a positive contribution to sustainable development and live up to the expectations of society.