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For All Users of YAMATAKE VCX-7000 Explosion-Proof Limit Switches
Safety Action

September 22, 2010

We found that some internal switches of our VCX-7000 series Explosion-Proof Limit Switches that we have started selling in April 2008 ("Products") did not satisfy the explosion-proof construction standard ("nonconforming Products").

Since interior volume of internal switch is minute, i.e. 1.5 cc, the energy created by explosion is very small.  Even in case of explosion in the internal switch interior, it is designed to prevent damage to the flameproof enclosure, runaway flame or other damages. After we found the nonconformance, we have conducted a test by ourselves and also by a third-party test institution exploding the internal switch interior using both the nonconforming Products and test samples which have larger unfilled space than the nonconforming Products, Furthermore, a public test institution independently conducted a test of explosion strength and ignition for the nonconforming Products.  However, none of these tests has caused damage to the flameproof enclosure, runaway flame or any other items.

However, since we have found nonconforming Products, we have immediately announced directly to our customers and users that we had decided to take actions to correct and repair the nonconforming Products, and return Products so repaired, and we are now collecting Products. If you are customers or users of Products who did not receive such notice, please contact us by e-mail described at the end of this announcement.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that our customers and users may suffer. We will take utmost efforts to correct the current problems with the nonconforming Products, and will improve the manufacturing and inspection process to prevent the recurrence.
We sincerely appreciate your cooperation.


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