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Advanced Automation Company Training Center

Azbil's training center offers product training courses for both domestic and overseas customers, either in Japan or overseas. A variety of product training is provided, according to customers' requests, with emphasis on training that is useful for practical purposes.
In addition to training courses on system products and instrumentation devices (transmitters, flowmeters, control valves), courses on controller/sensor/combustion safety are offered, and for almost all products, courses provide hands-on training using the actual devices.
There are four types of training course:

  • Periodic:
    a standard course that is held periodically
  • On-demand:
    content is the same as a periodic course, but training dates are set according to the participant's schedule
  • Special:
    This course is arranged based on the periodic course as requested. It is also possible to set up a customized curriculum.
  • Delivery:
    training takes place at the location (on the worksite, etc.) requested by the customer. Courses can also be provided overseas, but in some cases an overseas course cannot be offered because the necessary equipment is not available.

* Training sessions are conducted in Japanese. For training in English, please contact one of our sales personnel.