Products and Services for the Food and Beverage Industry

Products and Services for the Food and Beverage Industry

In response to industry's need to comply with regulations of all sorts, and an increasing concern for food safety and security, we provide the solutions that meet current needs.

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March 1, 2016
Products and Services for the Food and Beverage Industry

Solutions Grounded in Extensive Experience and Know-how, Backed by a Maintenance Support System

To save labor, which is a key goal of many food and beverage plants, Azbil provides various kinds of solutions by installing sensors (flowmeters, pressure transmitters, temperature sensors, etc.), providing controllers for regulating temperature, etc., and supplying systems for the integrated monitoring and control of all sensors and controllers.

Recently, initiatives directed at improving food security and safety have become a major issue, partly in response to strong demand from consumers and distributors. Even when the job differs from our traditional strong point of plant automation, Azbil's solutions- such as establishing traceability, preventing errors in manual processes, or implementing food safety plans—are founded on our "human-centered" concept, and take into full account the views of workers in the field and the nature of the tasks they perform.
In addition to its strengths in the areas of safety and security, Azbil Corporation prides itself on enabling uninterrupted plant operation by implementing energy-conservation measures, calibrating sensors, and providing nationwide support from our service bases throughout the country.

Azbil looks forward to applying its accumulated experience and know-how, and its measurement and control technology, to offer continued problem-solving support in meeting the various and ever-changing challenges facing the food and beverage industry.

Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry

  • Operation Management

    We raise the value of manufacturing operations and contribute to society using measurement, control, and information technology to optimize the relationships between the five assets (raw materials, energy, equipment, products, and workers) that are basic to all manufacturing sites.

Products for the Food and Beverage Industry