Multi-area user terminal

In addition to displaying room temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration, the device allows the user to turn ventilation on and off as necessary in specific areas.

The Multi-area user terminal (model QJ-1201C00_0) is a digital indicating user terminal for building air conditioning systems.
This is a multitasking user terminal. One device can set 8 air conditioning areas.
In addition to setting and indicating temperature, humidity, air volume (fan speed) and on/off control, the Multi-area user terminal can show and set the CO2 concentration, providing comfortable and healthful room conditions.
The Multi-area user terminal is easy to clean and sanitize because of its flat design. Its flat shape and compact size are perfectly suited to a wide variety of offices.

  • Operation
    Turning the air conditioning units and lights ON/OFF, setting the temperature/humidity, CO2 concentration, and airflow for air conditioning units, and scheduling or extending air conditioning unit operation in up to eight areas can be performed with one Multi-area user terminal unit.
    The Multi-area user terminal allows you to turn equipment in multiple areas ON/OFF at once.

  • Display
    The temperature/humidity and CO2 concentration of air conditioning units in up to eight areas can be displayed with one Multi-area user terminal unit.
    Since the outdoor temperature/humidity and rainfall information are displayed, users can check weather information from inside the room.

  • Password function
    User access is restricted by password.
    One password can be set for each Multi-area user terminal unit.

  • Design
    The terminal has a flat, buttonless design with an LCD touch panel and bezel touch keys.
    Equipped with a backlight, the Multi-area user terminal can be operated even in a dark room.

  • Easy-to-understand screen display
    The simple icons and symbols allow intuitive operation.

  • Open communication protocol
    This product is a controller compatible with BACnet MS/TP which is an open protocol.

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