This product is a user interface device for remote units such as VAV Controllers, FCU Controllers, and General Controllers.


It provides a means of turning air conditioning ON/OFF, changing temperature or fan speed settings, etc. Also, it can display outdoor temperature or weather information.
This product has a built-in temperature sensor so that the measured temperature can be displayed and used for temperature control without installation of a separate temperature sensor.*

*The temperature measured by the sensor built into this product may be affected by the wall temperature depending on the conditions where it is installed. The effect on the measured temperature can be reduced by using the auxiliary thermoplate.


The product has a flat design using capacitive touch buttons instead of push buttons for operations like turning the air conditioning ON/ OFF and changing the temperature or air flow settings. Batch settings for groups of remote units can also be done.


Large characters and simple icons allow intuitive operation. Users can check outdoor temperature and rainfall information on the display.


White or black can be selected according to the room

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