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Initiatives in FY 2013

Results and Future Plans

In the year ended March 2014, initiatives involving all azbil Group employees achieved a 4.6% reduction in  CO2 emissions and a 12.6% improvement in  CO2 emissions per unit sales compared with the levels in the previous year. These initiatives included reducing electricity usage during peak hours in the summer and winter and improving the operation of facilities by making energy usage clearly visible.

We will continue these initiatives in the year ending March 2015. To reduce  CO2 emissions not only in Japan but also overseas,we will also step up efforts to visualize energy usage at overseas production sites.

Domestically, in Kanagawa Prefecture in February 2014, Azbil Corporation received the 2013 Kanagawa Environment Award for exellence in the category of Programs to Counteract Global Warming.

Energy Conservation through Visualization of Energy Use

To reduce CO2 emissions, which is one of the major objectives of our medium-term plan, we are proactively introducing our system for visualizing energy usage on a Group-wide basis and are conserving energy through improvement of operations and facilities.

For operational improvement, it is important to use the plando-check-act (PDCA) cycle, which assists us to expose wasteful practices, consider and implement improvements and verify their effectiveness, and apply the findings to future measures. The introduction of the visualization system has made it possible to make effective improvements in operation. Moreover, by grasping the energy usage situation during nighttime and holidays, when production is halted, for example, we can find wasteful energy consumption. As a result, we have identified new energy conservation possibilities at business sites where energy conservation initiatives have already been carried out, and this has led to further reduction of CO2 and costs. As for improvement of facilities, we are able to make efficient investments that bring greater benefits for less cost by anticipating and eliminating wasteful energy usage through our visualization initiative.

To ensure achievement of our CO2 reduction targets, we subject these initiatives not only to periodic energy conservation reviews by individual business sites, but also to follow-up reviews by a team dedicated to CO2 reduction.

When transferring production to an overseas site as part of our reorganization of production infrastructure, we introduce our visualization system at the new factory as soon as it begins operation. For existing overseas production sites, we are considering progressive introduction of the system. Azbil Production (Thailand) Co., Ltd., is making preparations for introduction of the system in the current year.

Our Sites That Have Adopted the Visualization System

Display of energy use

Workers using the visualization system

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