Disclosure Policy

1. Basic Policy

Azbil Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Our Company) will make fair and highly transparent disclosure in a timely and proper manner and pursue constructive dialogue and engagement through various communication activities under our corporate philosophy of “human-centered automation” to establish, maintain, and develop trusting relationships with diverse stakeholders surrounding Our Company, such as stockholders, investors, customers, business partners, employees, and local communities.

2. Disclosure Criteria

Our Company will make fair and highly transparent disclosure in an appropriate manner in accordance with the law and the regulations specified by the stock exchange on which we are listed. In addition, we will recognize any information other than one defined in the law and the regulations for disclosure, such as management or financial information and non-financial information related to environment and society which Our Company considers useful to obtain understanding of stakeholders about Our Company’s management policy and business contents, as essential information on our corporate activities required by society and thus willingly disclose such information.

3. Disclosure Method

Our Company will disclose information that is required to be disclosed by the law and the regulations specified by the stock exchange on which we are listed and post the contents of such information on Our Company’s website immediately after disclosure. We will disclose information other than one required by the law and said regulations as necessary in a proper and accurate manner, such as delivering news release, holding press conferences and briefing sessions, and posting material on our website.

4. Handling of timely disclosure information

Our Company will instruct all staff handling timely disclosure information to manage said information so that it will not be disclosed to specific capital market players before announcement. If it is revealed that Our Company has disclosed undisclosed important information to a specific person, Our Company will conduct timely disclosure immediately.

5. Quiet Period

In order to prevent information leakage during preparation for announcement of quarterly earnings and ensure the fairness of disclosure, Our Company will observe a quiet period, beginning with the following day of a settlement date and ending with the announcement of earnings on a quarter-to-quarter basis, and decline to respond to inquiries about our earnings results and contents accompanying them; provided, however, that any possibility of significant deviation from previously published earnings forecasts will be appropriately pronounced in accordance with the disclosure regulations.

6. Earnings Forecast and Future Prospect

Information concerning earnings forecasts, future prospects, or the like among information that Our Corporation discloses is created in accordance with certain assumptions which we regard as reasonable at the time of disclosure of said information and thus includes risks and uncertainty. Therefore, actual earnings results may be considerably different from such estimates due to various factors. Crucial factors that affect matters related to earnings forecasts and future prospects include change in exchange or interest rates, international situations, trends of demand or economic performance, change in competitive climates, trends of production capability or research and development, or the like.