Ceiling-Mounted Temperature Sensor(Round Type)

Ceiling-mounted temperature sensor (round type) , Model TY7302Z0_0_, is a room temperature sensor designed for mounting on ceilings.

Since the number of offices with less pillars and walls is increasing, the use of the ceiling surface for mounting the temperature sensor is increasing.
This product is a sensor that can be applied to various indoor applications including air conditioning in general office buildings because it is designed to be inconspicuous for mounting on ceilings and it can be easily mounted using springs.

Even in large spaces with few pillars and walls, it is possible to measure the temperature near the center of segmented zones.

It is small and thin, so it is inconspicuous.

It is an omni-directional round type sensor, so it can be mounted in any orientation at the time of construction.

It is possible to mount on various types of ceilings such as steel ceiling panel and acoustic ceiling board.

It can be easily snapped in for installation with mounting springs. Maintenance can be done from inside the room.

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