Advanced Controller for Chiller/Pump Unit

This product (Model WJ-1102Q/WJ-1102P) is a controller that controls the central plant facilities for buildings.

chiller unit
Optimal operation for the central plant system Depending on the air conditioning load or supply/ return water temperature, the product controls the number of operating chillers.
pump unit
Optimal operation for the central plant system Depending on the air conditioning load, the product controls the number of operating pumps.

It uses I/Os that have been built for the central plant instrumentation along with control application programs to provide optimal control.
It can also handle cases where monitoring points, control applications, etc. are added during operation.
It is compatible with various open protocols such as BACnet/IP, BACnet MS/TP, Modbus™ RTU, Modbus ASCII.

Open communication protocol

This product is compatible with BACnet/IP which is an open protocol.
RS-485 communication allows connection of various devices that support BACnet MS/TP, Modbus RTU, or Modbus ASCII.

Connecting various I/Os

It provides various I/Os such as DI (digital input), DO (digital output), UI (universal input), and AO (analog output).
The UI is compatible with the input types of current, voltage, resistance (Pt100, Pt1000), and DI.
Since Advanced Remote I/O Module (Model RJ-11) can be attached to the network by ETHERNET, it is possible to install the Advanced Remote I/O Module close to the facility equipment that is away from this product to save the labor for construction.

Visualized I/O statuses

This product uses LEDs for DI, DO, and UI to indicate the status of the feedback input from facility equipment and the ON/OFF output to facility equipment.

Online engineering work

If a need to change or add the monitoring points or control applications arises during operation, it is possible to change the controller files without stopping the controller.

Connection to the building management system

By connecting to the central monitoring unit of the building management system, it is possible to centrally manage each facility from the central monitoring unit.

Risk distribution

If there is something abnormal occurred in the building management system, the Advanced Controller for pump unit independently executes the backup operations.
Thus, the risk can be distributed in case of failure.

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