General Controller

This product (Model WJ-1111W0000) is a generalpurpose controller that controls facility equipment such as the building air conditioning equipment and plumbing equipment.

This product uses I/Os that have been built for the instrumentation along with control application programs to realize optimal control.
It can also handle cases where monitoring points, control applications, etc. are added during operation.
It is compatible with various open protocols such as BACnet/IP, BACnet MS/TP, Modbus™ RTU, Modbus™ ASCII.

Direct Mount I/O Modules

Direct Mount I/O Modules

Operator Panel(Integral Type)

Operator Panel(Integral Type)

Setting-Device connection Module (SD)

Setting-Device connection Module (SD)

Compact Remote I/O Module

Compact Remote I/O Module

Open communication protocol

This product is compatible with BACnet MS/TP which is an open protocol.
RS-485 communication allows connection of various devices that support BACnet MS/TP, Modbus™ RTU, or Modbus™ ASCII.

Connecting various I/Os

This product allows to connect the Direct Mount I/O Module (Model RY51_ _) that supports various I/Os. According to the applications or usage, it is possible to select suitable I/O types, increase or decrease the number of installed points. By connecting the SAnet Interface Module, it is possible to connect Intelligent components.

Flexible software confi guration depending on applications

This product provides energy-saving control by controlling temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, cooling using outdoor air, etc., that suit the instrumentation of the building.

Secondary device management

This product controls the secondary devices connected to the RS-485 port.
It is possible to start/stop the secondary devices, monitor the failure state, monitor the measured value, set up the secondary device from the central monitoring unit through this product. If the Azbil’s VAV/FCU Controllers are connected to the product, it is possible to execute the following functions:
- Interlocked functions such as group management,ON/OFF devices, settings, airfl ow control
- Supply air temperature load-reset control attained by the linkage control between VAV and AHU
- Fan RPM optimization control

Online engineering work

If a need to change or add the monitoring points or control applications arises during operation, it is possible to change the controller files while the controller is running.

Connection to the central monitoring unit

By connecting to the central monitoring unit, it is possible to centrally manage each facility from the central monitoring unit.

Risk distribution

When the central monitoring unit is faulty, the General Controller independently executes the backup operations.
When a failure occurs, the risk can be distributed.

Saving space

The product is compact and can be installed in a minimum space.

Simple installation

The spring terminal blocks are used for the power terminals, so wiring can be done easily. The RJ-45 connector is used for the BACnet MS/TP communication terminal block, which enables to save labor for wiring LAN cable.

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