Compact Remote I/O Module

This product (Model RJ-12_ _W0_00) is an I/O module compatible with BACnet MS/TP which is an open protocol.

Various I/Os such as digital I/O, totalizing pulse input, remote control relay output, analog I/O, RTD input are available.
Even if the monitoring points are distributed throughout a building, the compact body and the communication function allow the product to be installed in distributed locations in the building and to execute the following operations of the building facilities:
-Monitoring the operating/alarm state
-Turning ON/OFF
-Measuring data

Open communication protocol

This product is a controller compatible with BACnet MS/TP which is an open protocol.

Saving space

The product is compact so as to save the space for installation.
It is possible to install the product in a power distribution panel or power panel, so a remote panel is not required.

Compatible with the various I/Os

DI modules (DI/TOT: x8) , DIO modules (DI: x4, DO: x4) , RRD modules (remote control relay output: x4) , UIO modules (current/voltage input: x2, PT input: x2, current/voltage output: x2) , combination modules (DI: x2, DO: x2, AO: x1) are available.
The combination module is an I/O module that includes CX/TX relays and an analog current output signal to control a fan.
By installing one combination module, it is possible to turn ON/OFF a device, input alarm state, and enable inverter output.

Simple installation

The push-in terminal blocks are used for the I/O terminals, so wiring can be done easily.
The RJ-45 connector is used for the BACnet MS/TP communication terminal block, which enables to save labor for wiring by using the LAN cable.

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