Advanced Controller

This product (model WJ-1103) controls central plant, air conditioning, and other equipment for buildings.

This product can operate in a redundant configuration.
If this controller fails, the backup controller will continue to provide control and monitoring.

Redundant controller function

This function allows two controllers to connect to shared I/O modules with a ring connection. In this highly reliable system, if one of the two controllers fails, the other controller will continue to operate.

Open communication protocol

This product is compatible with BACnet/IP, which is an open protocol.
If the controller redundancy function is not used, RS-485 communication allows connection of various devices that support BACnet MS/TP, Modbus™ RTU, and Modbus ASCII.

Online engineering work

If a need arises to change or add the monitored points or control applications, it is possible to change the controller’s files without stopping the controller.

Connection to the central monitoring unit

By connecting to the central monitoring unit of the building management system, it is possible to manage each piece of equipment from the central monitoring unit.

Risk distribution

If the central monitoring unit fails, the Advanced Controller will continue running independently.

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