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Variable Air Volume Controller with Actuator for BACnet MS/TP Communication

This product (models WJ-1201C5 + MY8440) consists of a controller and an actuator for variable air volume (VAV) units.

The WJ-1201C5 and MY8440 are combined and attached to the VAV unit to control the air volume.
With a temperature sensor connected, the product controls air volume to maintain indoor temperature at the setpoint.
With a CO2 concentration sensor connected, both a comfortable indoor environment and energy savings can be achieved.
If a user interface device is connected, users can change the settings or turn the VAV units ON/OFF.
This product is compatible with BACnet MS/TP, which is an open protocol.

Open communication protocol

This product is a controller compatible with BACnet MS/TP, which is an open protocol.

Energy-saving control

Using a temperature sensor and a CO2 concentration sensor, indoor temperature can be maintained at the setpoint with minimum ventilation volume.
If there are not many people in a room, the air volume can be decreased to reduce the power used for transport.
By combining this product with Azbil’s air condi-tioning controllers, supply air temperature can be automatically optimized based on the conditions at the VAV units, and VAV units can be adjusted in the open direction to minimize the static pressure, achieving optimal fan speed control.

Various input and output supported

This product can be connected to a temperature sensor or a CO2 concentration sensor.
Also, general-purpose digital inputs and outputs can be used for linked ON/OFF of multiple VAV units or VAV unit(s) and other equipment.
Also, a reheater can be controlled using general-pur-pose analog inputs and outputs.

Various setting devices

Azbil’s various types of user interface, including the Neopanel, Neoplate (QY7290_301_), and Multi-area user terminal, can be connected so that users can turn VAV units ON/OFF or change the temperature settings.
ON/OFF operation or temperature settings can be prohibited from the central monitoring unit.

Online engineering

If there is a need to change the control parameters during operation, they can be changed while the controller is running.

Installation method

Less labor is needed for wiring because LAN cables with RJ-45 modular connectors are used for temperature sensors, setting devices, and BACnet MS/TP communication.
Wiring work is made easier by the spring terminal blocks for the power and I/O terminals.

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