Radiant Temperature Sensor

The radiant temperature sensor measures infrared radiation at the perimeter on a wall.

  • The radiant temperature sensor provides non-contact and remote measurement of radiant temperature from windows or walls.
  • Ideal for the measurement of thermal environments in spaces where radiation has a major influence on perceived temperature.
  • Can be installed in a variety of ceilings including facility plates or sound-absorbing ceilings.
  • Thermopiles are used as sensing elements.
  • High responsivity and repeatability
  • For ceiling-mounted return-chamber air conditioning installations, a sensor-mounted model can be used.
  • Changes in measuring area, installation and maintenance can be carried out from inside the room.
  • By connecting to Azbil Corporation’s air conditioning controllers or building automation systems, the sensor provides more comfortable control which takes account of the impact of radiation.

Measurement principle

All objects radiate infrared rays in relation to their surface temperatures. Detecting the energy volume of these infrared rays allows the measurement of radiant temperatures.
The TY7321's thermopile sensing element converts infrared radiation to electricity and outputs a signal via an internal signal processing circuit.

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