Digital Mass Flow Controller
Model MQV_ _ _ _


300 ms high-speed controllability

The model MQV_ _ _ _ offers exceptionally fast response from no flow to the stable Set point flow rate, and after set point changes.


Operation at low differential pressure

The model MQV_ _ _ _ does not use capillaries that have large pressure loss. So the model MQV_ _ _ _ can control in the low pressure difference.


Superior indication function

Either an integrated display model or a separate display model can be selected.
Thanks to this feature, noise from power wiring has no effect on signals.


PC loader communication functions,

The PC loader allows not only configuration but also logging trends.

Wide temperature range

Model MQV_ _ _ _ controllers can be used over a wide operating temperature range.
(-10 °C to + 60 °C)

AC adapter is also available

You can use the model MQV_ _ _ _ only by plugging the AC adapter into an outlet without troublesome wiring.


Heat treatment furnace

MFC control the various gas flow to control the mosphere.

Burners for processing

MFC control the ratio of fuel gas to supporting gas.

Culture device

MFC control the concentration of oxgen and carbon dioxide in the culture medium.

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