Single Loop Controller
Model C1M


Data at a glance

Liquid-crystal display
The large 15.4-mm display (about 1.4 times larger than the previous model) shows the process value (PV) in bright white.
This improves visibility in the field.
A variety of other information can be displayed, allowing you to see the process control status at a glance.

Liquid-crystal display


Improved smart loader package
Useful in a variety of situations: setup, trial run adjustment, operation check, etc.
A high-performance PID simulator, which brings together various Azbil technologies into one package, helps you to obtain the desired control responses.

smart loader

Quick connection

PLC link function
Data is transmitted by RS-485 serial communication without the need for a communication program, saving you time and engineering work.

PLC link function
Supported protocol Connectable model examples
Mitsubishi/QnA-compatible 3C frame model 4 MELSEC iQ-R, MELSEC Q from Mitsubishi Electric
Omron FINS (host link) CJ2, CP2 from Omron
Modbus™/RTU KV-7000, KV Nano from Keyence
AG S7-1200 from Siemens

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