Multivariable Air Flow Meter
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This flowmeter provides the functions and performance required to monitor and manage factory air consumption. Its development was based on the following points derived from discussions with customers about monitoring and managing factory air consumption.

  • Mass flow rate measurement
  • Integration of all functions needed for monitoring and managing air consumption
  • Low cost

This device is equipped with a constriction mechanism whose measurement principle is the same as that of orifice, nozzle, and Venturi tube differential pressure flowmeters. The constriction mechanism employs an elliptical throat that was developed by Azbil Corporation and has a proven track record. Among its strong points is high-accuracy measurement in short straight pipes. For the converter, we use a multivariable sensor that detects differential pressure, pressure, and temperature with high accuracy. The converter applies density correction to the process variable detected by the multivariable sensor to give an accurate mass flow rate.

High-accuracy mass flow rate measurement

This air monitoring and management flowmeter achieves an accuracy of ±3% of the specified value by arithmetically processing the process changes detected by multivariable sensor at a high speed by applying the gas expansion compensation coefficient and compression coefficient required for calculating the flow rate calculation.

Auto ranging function

In differential pressure type flowmeters, the instantaneous flow rate range needs to be set by calculating the differential pressure generated from fluid conditions including flow rate value. However, the flow rate value of factory air is not known in most cases. The flow meter for air monitoring and management is equipped with auto ranging function that memorizes the maximum flow rate value of the actual flow rate even when the flow rate value is unknown and automatically sets the range.

Wide flow rate range

The flowmeter for air monitoring and management can handle a range up to 100:1 so is an ideal for covering a wide flow rate range. This eliminates worries about a large or small flow rate when selecting a flowmeter whose bore or diameter is the same as that of the factory air pipe.

Enhanced display function

The LCD display on the front face can selectively display the instantaneous flow rate value, total flow rate value, and flow velocity value. The multivariable sensor's pressure value for calculating the compensation can also be shown on the display making it usable as a pressure gauge monitor.

Flexibly adapts to site installation conditions

This flowmeter can be mounted on both horizontal piping (photograph at top of this page) and vertical piping (Photograph 1) in the factory air piping system. A separate type flowmeter (Photograph 2) can be mounted in cases where line-based piping is laid at a height of 3 to 5 meters from the floor in each building.

Flowmeter for vertical piping

Flowmeter for vertical piping

Separate type flowmeter

Separate type flowmeter

The flowmeter structure is unlikely to cause deposits and clogging along the flow path and constrictor section; and the required upstream straight pipe length is as short as 0.5D so the flowmeter can be installed in diverse locations.

Functions ideal for energy-saving activities

  • Cost display function
    During our factory air energy-saving activity, we frequently receive comments from customers saying "everyone thinks that factory air is free." To tackle this issue, we incorporated a function to roughly indicate how much (yen or dollar) the current flow rate costs by setting a factory air unit price. Displaying the cost promotes an awareness of cost issues among the on-site workers.
  • Leakage check function
    The leakage check function calculates the leakage rate (%) of factory air from the pressure inside piping measured by a multivariable sensor. After presetting a certain leakage rate as the monitor standard value, this trend management can apply leakage countermeasures and patrols when the detected leakage rate exceeds the standard value and without having to use a pressure gauge or other equipment.

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