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Electromagnetic Flowmeter Hyper-Fill MagneW™
Model MGR_ _ _


This electromagnetic flowmeter for filling machines is a volumetric flowmeter that works by applying Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction. It is ideal for flow rate measurement of liquids having a conductivity of 50 µS/cm or more. The MagneW 3000 Hyper-Fill has the flexibility to meet a diverse range of filling machine requirements.
When installed in equipment that includes a sequencer and a high-speed counter unit, the flowmeter can be utilized for fixed-volume filling of PET bottles, cans, bottles, barrels, and bag-in-box containers with liquor, beverages, or water.

High repeatability even with short filling times.

Ideal for high-speed filling devices for fruit juice, carbonated beverages, and liquor.

High-performance specifications and functions that are necessary for severe filling conditions include high-speed response, high-speed sampling, and an interference prevention mechanism.

Detectors can be installed side by side with a minimum interval of 94 mm.

Integrated flowmeter allows compact installation even in narrow spaces.

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