Compact Digital Mass Flow Controller
Model F4H


The model MLP300A000 PC loader Sofrwear (hereafter “the loader”) is a simplified engineering tool for the model F4H Compact Digital Mass Flow Controller Model (“the device”). The user can configure various settings of the device and monitor the flow rate and the operational status.
The loader runs on Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit) English version PCs.

Features of the loader

Functions Description
Configuration Various settings can be read from the device, checked or edited, and written to the device.
In addition, parameter files can be created when the loader is not connected to the device.
Monitoring The operational status of the device and alarms can be checked.
File functions Various settings and monitored data can be saved to a file.
Saved files can be opened to check the data.

Model No. Version Download
MLP300A000 2.4.0E Download

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