Quick check of HART communication status

  • Model AZ-1SHM is equipped with a loop power checker and HART communication checker, allowing quick investigation of the cause of HART communication problems.
  • The Support Tool (a Windows application) that is supplied with model AZ-1SHM can display HART communication waveforms and details of HART communication (a protocol monitor), enabling more detailed analysis of the cause of various phenomena.

Support for wireless connection

  • Model AZ-1SHM can connect to a host PC from various companies using USB or Bluetooth. If you use Bluetooth, you can work safely even in a bad work environment, free from communication cable restrictions.

Supplying power to the field device

  • Model AZ-1SHM can supply power to the field device. Parameters can be checked and set even for a device that is not powered due to construction or maintenance.

Support for Azbil’s SFN (DE) communication

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