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Solaire Resort & Casino

Manila Bay Entertainment City is a national development project underway in the Philippines near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The Solaire Resort & Casino, located in the Bay City area of Paranaque, is being developed as a resort complex that includes five-star hotels with a total of 800 guest rooms, suites and villas. Due to inconveniences of equipment monitoring and control experienced in the preceding project, a new partner was selected to develop the monitoring and control system. Through this new partnership, a comfortable indoor environment was realized, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Seek for solutions to the inconveniences in phase 1 of the project

The Republic of the Philippines is a country consisting of more than 7,000 large and small islands in the Pacific Ocean. Tourists from all over the world enjoy marine sports on beautiful resort beaches as well as shopping and spa treatments in a lively atmosphere unique to Southeast Asia. The Philippine government has been actively promoting tourism since the presidency of Gloria Macapacal Arroyo. The government’s efforts to attract more tourists have included to construct new roads and other infrastructure and to launch worldwide advertising campaigns.

Currently, the Philippine government is developing the Manila Bay Entertainment City resort site in the bay area near the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.

Four large-scale casino resort complexes are participating in the development of this area, one of which is Solaire Resort & Casino, developed by Bloomberry Resorts Corporation. The Solaire complex includes hotels, a theater, shopping mall, casino, restaurants, and conference rooms. The construction of the complex is proceeding in phases. In March 2013, Bay Tower, a 500-room hotel, and other facilities were completed in phase 1 of the project.

“For phase 1 of the project, a company in the Philippines was the system integrator which constructed the monitoring and control system for the air conditioning and electrical equipment. However, after the Bay Tower area opened, various problems related to the equipment occurred. For example, there was a problem with temperature measurement: although 22 °C was displayed by the central monitoring system, when the temperature in the room was measured in response to a customer complaint, it was 27 °C. There were more than a few cases in which the room temperature displayed on the central monitoring unit was different from the actual temperature,” explains Michael Ordaniel of the Engineering Department.

This case study was published in the 2018 Vol.2 issue of the azbil Group's corporate magazine, azbil.