Cage Valves, Double Seated Valves

Key specifications
Size: 1/20" to 24"
Pressure rating: JIS 10 to 63K, JPI 150 to 2500, ANSI 150 to 2500
Temperature range: −196 to 566°C
Materials: Carbon steel, Cr-Mo steel, stainless steel, etc.
Actuators: Air diaphragm motor, piston cylinder
Accessories: Positioner, limit switch, solenoid valve, etc.
For more details, refer to the specification sheet of each model number.

A wide range of material specifications

Products can be provided by using different materials for valve stems - e.g., carbon steel is generally used with water, steam, and fuel oil; and high corrosion resistant stainless steel that is essential for controlling corrosive fluids.

Corresponding to service

The excellent anti-cavitation performance of these cage valves plays an essential role in controlling fluids at high temperatures and under high differential pressures. Optional specifications can be applied to reduce aerodynamic noise produced by steam and gas.

Excellent seat leakage performance

Metal sheet tight shut (class V) and soft sheet tight shut (class VI) are available.

Excellent external leakage prevention performance

A bellows seal can be added to valve stems. Increasingly sought-after specifications for gland packings can be applied to comply with fugitive emission regulations of volatile organic compounds.

High control performance

High control performance is achieved by a combination of wide rangeability and a smart valve positioner.
The original internal valve structure adopted by azbil essentially eliminated the shortcomings of conventional double-seated control valves that suffered from reversal of fluid reaction force, thereby achieving stable control.

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