Multi-Loop Controller with Multifunction Display Model C7G



In late years the graphical controller model C7G was equipped with a function to contribute to the preventive maintenance of the production device which needs enlarged not to mention PID control.
We make use of a good point of the PID controller and calculate a health index* from the beginning to cut of process data.
In the wide production situation , we contribute to the realization of the premeditated maintenance and management of the production machine and the soundness maintenance of the manufacturing process.
As for the CDS function and health index function that model C7G’s equipped with, a smart factory helps becoming it.

*Diagnostic parameters for prediction or detection of production equipment failure.

Feature1: Excellent usability

We developed the hardware from the user’s viewpoint in order to achieve a high level of usability.

  • Better usability and readability of display
  • Separable structure
  • Screwless-clamp terminal block

Feature2: Seamless coordination with other equipment maximizes value

Ethernet as a standard interface provides high-speed communication with a variety of devices. RS-485 is also a standard feature, allowing improved flexibility in network construction. A PLC link function, which provides an easy Ethernet connection with Mitsubishi Electric’s PLC, is also available.


Feature3: Diagnostic and management information for problem-solving

The advanced C7G, in addition to faster and more reliable process control, is capable of detecting warning signs of trouble with connected equipment through the use of its data-processing technology.

  • Faster speed
  • Compact data storage
  • Data processing

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