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About our Valve Diagnostics Service

Introduction video

Azbil Valve Diagnostics Service - Introduction video

Our Valve Diagnostics Service analyzes and diagnoses information collected through the control valve maintenance support system PLUG-IN Valstaff to discover and predict valve abnormalities that could previously be found only through overhaul inspections. This helps you to prevent facility shutdowns caused by control valves, allows you to focus on the actual work of maintenance, and helps you to streamline work the smart way.

Delivery of Valve Diagnostics Service diagnoses

Value of diagnosis service

Valve health visualization

Valve diagnostic result
Valve diagnostic data
Valve diagnostic summary (with radar chart)

The valve diagnostic report gives a quick overview of valve health

Smart Valve Positioner

Quantification of
valve motion

Quantification of valve motion


Visualization of

Visualization of motion

Visualization of

Visualization of operation

Smart Valve Positioner diagnostic parameter information

Service details

Applicable valves

7 supported valve types: globe, double seated, cage, diaphragm, eccentric rotary, butterfly, and ball.

List of diagnosable valves

* 200/300 series:Models AVP202/207/302/307
  700 series:Models AVP701/702/703

Diagnosable conditions

The following phenomena can be detected by analyzing various combinations of operating data.

Phenomenon Azbil’s Smart Valve Positioners
(with HART/FOUNDATION Fieldbus support)
Models AVP202/207/302/307 Models AVP701/702/703
Damaged trim, clogging
Hunting after input of certain values to the positioner
Slowdown (underperformance before sticking/galling)
Inadequate performance for fluid differential pressure
Insufficient supply air pressure
Positioner air circuit problems

Types of diagnosis

Three types of diagnostic service meet different needs at production sites.

Primary screening<br />diagnosis アイコン

Primary screening

This identifies which valves among hundreds at the plant require close monitoring, and tells their condition.

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Detailed<br />diagnosis アイコン


Detailed analysis of customer-specified valves and valves assessed by primary screening as needing attention, in order to gain in-depth understanding of problem conditions.

Comparative<br />verification アイコン


Even valves with completely identical specifications have different characteristics depending on the fluid used and the operating conditions. These characteristics can be understood by repeated comparative verification.

Tools required for diagnosis

The Valve Diagnostics Service collects and accumulates various diagnostic parameters held by Azbil’s HART® communication–compatible Smart Valve Positioner diagnostic devices in the control valve maintenance support system PLUG-IN Valstaff, and uses this valve operating data to make diagnoses.

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System configuration example of tools required for valve diagnosis

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