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We are making an increasing number of diagnoses on a diverse array of valves at a wide range of plants.

Use cases

Petroleum, gasHydrodesulfurization equipment
Heavy fraction cracking equipment
Off-site facility equipment
LNG equipment
Petrochemicals, chemicalsEthylene equipment
Ethylene oxide equipment
Phenol equipment
Bisphenol equipment
Styrene monomer equipment
High-pressure polyethylene equipment
Low-pressure polyethylene equipment
Polypropylene equipment
Methyl methacrylate equipment
Cyclohexane equipment
Aromatic hydrocarbon equipment
Vinyl chloride monomer/resin equipment
Rubber equipment
Fluorine equipment
Electrolytic/caustic soda equipment
Film-related equipment
Various functional product manufacturing equipment
Iron and steelCold rolling equipment
Ceramic engineeringGlass and cement equipment
FoodMixing vessels
SemiconductorsAir-conditioning units
Social infrastructureGarbage disposal facilities
UtilitiesPower plants (steam etc.)
Sewage facilities
Water supply facilities

Customers and results

Customer and Case Study Overview Products and Services
NS Styrene Monomer Co Ltd Oita Works

NS Styrene Monomer Co Ltd Oita Works

With styrene monomer as its main product, NS Styrene Monomer Co., Ltd. (NSSM) meets a wide range of industrial needs. After repeated valve failures, the company’s Oita Works plant is now introducing smart valve positioners. The plant is also using a system to improve the monitoring of valve status. In this way, by providing a mechanism to track valve failure trends, a high level of plant operation stability is being achieved.

Showa Denko K.K., Kawasaki Plant

Showa Denko K.K., Kawasaki Plant

Showa Denko’s Kawasaki Plant in Ogimachi boasts a long history of development and manufacture of organic and inorganic chemical products. In order to promote smart industrial safety using technology such as the Internet of Things (IoT), the company pays special attention to valves, which are indispensable for production. To optimize maintenance work and reduce costs, Showa Denko utilizes Azbil’s smart valve positioners, valve diagnostic systems, and valve analysis and diagnosis services provided by specialist engineers.



Preventing sudden equipment shutdown


Preventing sudden equipment shutdown

Collecting diagnostic data and monitoring trends during plant operation helps to prevent the deterioration of control valves, which was previously difficult to detect, and their sudden failure, which can cause unplanned shutdowns.

Optimizing maintenance plans (to TBM + CBM)*


Optimizing maintenance plans (to TBM + CBM)*

With proper diagnosis of valve operating condition, the selection of valves to overhaul can be optimized.
* Time-based maintenance + condition-based maintenance

Faster equipment startup after periodic maintenance


Faster equipment startup after periodic maintenance

Labor-intensive testing after periodic maintenance can be streamlined to accelerate equipment startup.

And more…

Diagnostic possibilities with the Smart Valve Positioners 700 Series

Diagnostic possibilities with the Smart Valve Positioners 700 Series

Adding to the functionality of the previous valve positioners (the 300 Series), Smart Valve Positioners 700 Series can also measure the motion of the control valve from different angles using built-in air pressure sensors. That allows diagnosis of underperformance and establishment of operational benchmarks before valves start working abnormally.

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