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PT Pertamina (Persero) Refinery Unit IV

Onsite personnel training results in continuous benefits

Azbil was deeply involved in the training of operators and other onsite personnel when the advanced control technology was installed.

Looking back on that time, Herry Saleh, a manager in the Process & Product Improvement Department, remembers, “There was a delay caused by some trouble with equipment, and other problems, but Azbil communicated closely with onsite personnel and completed the installation on schedule. Also, in spite of frequent personnel changes, Azbil staff patiently trained newly assigned operators.”

In the event of a problem with the equipment, boilers are manually operated. After they return to stable and steady operation, the operators can switch to automatic operation of the advanced control technology at their discretion. Pertamina’s operators learned about the advanced control technology and other boiler operation know-how through training by Azbil. Equipped with this detailed knowledge, they understand how to handle the boilers. As a result, the operating rate of the advanced control technology is kept high, leading to a definite reduction in fuel and CO2 emissions.

“Azbil has continuously provided training for Pertamina’s operators. This has had a positive effect on Pertamina’s sustainability goals, specifically, continued energy conservation,” explains Mr. Saleh.

“When we faced a problem, such as a communication error between the advanced control technology and the existing control system, Azbil responded to it very quickly. First PT. Azbil Berca Indonesia dealt with the problem, and additionally Azbil Corporation investigated the root cause and solved the problem by remotely accessing the system,” says Mr. Muddin.

“Because we are working on several projects, such as improving the octane number of gasoline, expanding the capacity of our oil refineries, and complying with European diesel regulations, it is very important for us to improve energy efficiency. Also, the advanced control technology is essential for producing high-value products,” says Lead of Process Engineering I Hermawan Yudhistiro.

“Azbil has achieved both targets, namely fuel and CO2 reduction, which is challenging, and it has also trained our personnel, which was a management goal. We are looking forward to further cooperation with Azbil as a business partner,” says Vice President Yulian Dekri.


*1 Distributed control system
A system designed exclusively for the monitoring and control of manufacturing processes

These case studies were published in the 2019 Vol.3 issue of the azbil Group's corporate magazine, azbil.